Portrait of Mika, a female blue rat furry

Blue Rat Art

The art of Mika Squika


I'm Mika, a blue rat girl who loves to draw! I've been making art for almost 15 years.

Some of my favorite subjects to draw include furries, transformation, sci-fi themes, and latex.When not working on art, I enjoy playing video games, writing, and building models on occasion.I also like going to furry conventions when the opportunity strikes. Maybe you'll run into me at a con near you!


Current Special Offer

★ Sci-Fi Cockpit YCH ★
For just $25, I'm offering to send your fursona to the stars in full color and linework!
+$10 for lighting and shading

Examples of finished product


Digital Icon/Bust
Lineart only - $20
Colored - $40
Shaded & lit - $45
Headshot of a CCCat, a wormlike blue alien with a long tongue holding an orange eyeball, grinning and showing teeth
Digital Fullbody
Sketch - $25
Lineart - $45
Add $15 for flat colors
Add $25 for shading
Purple daemonhost from Warhammer 40k floating
Character Badge
Bust - $40
Fullbody - $50
Includes colors, shading & lighting
A winged wolf/lion hybrid sitting and enjoying a mocha, with name ChaiKat underneath
Reference Sheet
2 views - $120
Add $50 per full body pose
Add $15 per expression
Other add-ons quoted case by case
Front, back, and headshot views of Jewel, a female gray and white mackerel tabby with glowing neon blue fur markings
Chat App Stickers
1 character - $10 each
2 characters/YCH - $18 each
Buy 9, get 1 free!
Comes with Telegram pack link
Can print as physical stickers - Ask for quote
3 Telegram stickers of a rat lady rocking out to music, making a funny face, wide-eyed with big hearts, and sword fighting a YCH
Livestream BRB Screen
Starts at $90
Includes colors, shading & lighting
A graphics tablet that says "Be Right Back!", a cookie on a plate, and a Nintendo Switch controller sitting on a couch
Talking Avatar (GIF Tuber)
Starts at $150
Flat colored with highlights
Includes breathing, blinking, speaking, and idle animations
Voice reactive animation of blue rat woman smiling and talking

Please see Gallery for samples of my art!
Mature artwork, YCHs and commission opportunities can be viewed on my FurAffinity page.

Inquire about:
- Landscapes
- Comic pages
- Merch designs
- Anything you don't see here!


Here you can find curated examples of my previous work!



Terms of Service

By entering into a commission agreement with me, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by these terms of service.

● All clients must be 18 years of age or older.● I accept payment in $USD. You will be emailed an invoice which you may pay using a credit or debit card, bank account, or P a y P a l. Work will start after payment is received in full.● I provide work in progress (WIP) check-ins during the commission process at the sketch, lineart, and color stages. Clients are allowed up to 3 revisions during this time. Additional revisions or major changes made after the lining/coloring stage will incur a fee.● The client has permission to use the finished art in personal, non-commercial settings, such as uploading to your personal gallery or using as a profile picture. You may print your commission for personal use, but not for profit, e.g. shirts, stickers, and other merchandise being sold for money. Work intended for commercial/sales purposes will incur an additional usage fee, so please inform me of this in your initial commission inquiry.● No one may use my art to create NFTs, cryptocurrency, or anything pertaining to the blockchain and associated entities.● When sharing your commission online, please link back to my profile on the respective platform, or to this website.● Do not remove my signature from my work.● I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.

I will draw:

✔️ Furries / Anthros
✔️ Ferals / Sapient Quadrupeds
✔️ Humans
✔️ Robots
✔️ Fictional species, aliens, and the like
✔️ Landscapes
✔️ SFW and NSFW

I won't draw:

❌ Bodily wastes
❌ Underage characters
❌ Gore
❌ Diapers, ABDL, etc.
❌ Death

If you're unsure whether I will draw something, feel free to ask.

How to commission me

I can be contacted at any of the links below. Send me a message and let's get started!

Custom commissions are closed at this time.
Full pricing will be available shortly.

-Sketch - $25
Lineart - $15Lineart - $35
Flat colors - $20Flat colors - +$15
Shading - $25Shading - +$10